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Mind Coach Gita Nath’s Journey starts with baby steps… | Work Life Balance-Management Coach & Consultants in Noida

Hi! I’m Mind Coach Gita Nath, a passionate wellness professional. I have been an educationist for over three and a half decades, and during that time, was given the responsibility to teach English to students of senior classes and help with various school events. Being highly sensitive to the emotional needs of my students, I could gauge when something was bothering them. On a gentle nudge from me with a ‘You can talk to me if you wish to; I am there to listen!’ tumbled out such painful experiences wherein most of them confessed that they felt that they had no one who cared enough to listen to them and could guide them through their turbulent stage of growing up. Work Life Balance-Management Coach & Consultants in Noida  

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Transformational Programme for Adults & Working Mothers | Work Life Balance-Management Coach & Consultants in Noida

A transformation in nearly all areas of one’s life by identifying and reinforcing empowering codes. Work Life Balance-Management Coach & Consultants in Noida

My Musings

What is beyond your circle of influence, deserves to be set free from your mind prison.
If you wish to reach anywhere, step off the treadmill and start taking baby steps towards the destination that you set for yourself!
Be kind to yourself. You are the only one who is born with you, stays with you all through your lifetime.
Be kind to others: everyone is fighting their own battles and yet putting on a brave front!
If you can coach your mind to listen to you, it will be your slave; else it will make you run on a labyrinthine path!
Everything happens twice, first in your mind and the second time in the real physical world! Craft your thoughts and dreams mindfully!
As long as you remain in the shackles of your torturous past, there can be no liberation!
Happiness is mindfulness and living in the present moment!
Everything is transient including your joys and sorrows! Relish the joys and observe the sorrows with equanimity!
No matter how dark was your past, tomorrow is bound to be brighter for every dark cloud has a silver lining!
Do not increase your misery by wallowing in a transient painful past!
Focus on the little joys of life and live in Gratitude!
Enjoy the present moment; give your best performance; you never know what future has in store for you!
If you want others to treat you well: with love and respect, first start treating yourself in the same manner! Don’t be too harsh on yourself!

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