A Mind Coach or a Life Coach?

A Mind Coach is also a Life Coach. There is no major difference between them as both are wellness professionals who generally effectuate jaw-dropping breakthroughs in the lives of their clients, thereby enabling them to realise their true potential.

However, there is a slight difference in their approach to coaching. Though both use structured tried-and-tested strategies, a traditional Life Coach focuses on the outside while a Mind Coach focuses almost exclusively on the inner world of thoughts and self-beliefs.

A Mind Coach delves deep into the clients’ psyche to enable them to understand how their limiting, crippling self-beliefs have blindfolded them to such an extent that they fail to see the possibilities of a magnificent world of opportunities.

Thereafter, he/she leads the clients to address the emotional and psychological blockages, certain unfounded fears or phobias that often stem from childhood, to reach the desired goals: be it health, relationships, profession/career, deaddiction or any other that are not clinical.

Those who approach a Mind Coach are not necessarily the ones in the pits. They may be doing well in certain areas of their lives and yet feel a nagging deficiency in the other.

A Mind Coach trains the clients to stay in a very good mental state most of the times, despite the hardships that life occasionally throws at them. Furthermore, they make their clients experience how the decisions taken in that very good state are always right.

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